How to save on travel insurance

As life expectancy increases, so has the age at which 'life begins' – with many people supporting the idea that 'life begins at 50'. Unfortunately, travel insurance companies disagree. Or at least that is how it seems, considering how rapidly premiums rocket for those who are 50 or over. And as for those who are over 70, many "are shocked to find travel insurers unwilling to provide cover at prices they can afford", says Kara Gammell in The Daily Telegraph. So how do you find affordable travel insurance that won't leave you high and dry if you fall ill on holiday?

Consumers need to think of travel insurance as something they should tailor to their own needs, rather than an off-the-shelf product, says The Daily Telegraph. So one of the simplest ways of reducing the premium is to look carefully at the level of cover you are being offered and then decide whether you actually need it all within the policy. For example, if you are travelling to Europe, opt for European cover rather than worldwide cover, as the latter includes America, where litigation and medical costs can push up the cost of cover. Also, consider covering personal possessions under your home insurance – and, as always, shop around for the best deal.

Eat your greens. Food inflation is forcing the weekly shopping bill to new heights, but broccoli is proving the exception, says The Guardian. It is one of the few vegetables that is falling in price, due to plentiful current supplies. The average price is now £1.38 per kilo – down 27% from this time last year. So stock up on broccoli. But forget the cheese sauce. Cheddar prices rose 10% last week alone, according to The Grocer.

Choose your pets carefully. A Great Dane will cost its owner an average of £669.64 in damages over a lifetime, says eSure, and small dogs aren't much better. Chihuahuas cause an average carnage bill of £638.41 during their lives. Add in medical bills and food, and dogs are expensive members of the family. But there are ways to cut the costs.

Save on vet's bills. If you haven't bought a dog yet, then opt for a mongrel. "They tend to be less prone to disease and cheaper to insure," says Ali Taylor from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in The Independent on Sunday. What if you already have a pet? You could consider pet insurance to cover emergency vet bills, but do shop around and check the small print carefully: pet insurance is notorious for exclusions based on age and other factors. A better route is prevention – take your dog for regular walks and cut back on the treats. A healthy, fit canine is far less likely to get ill than a fat one.

Save money on clothes. You can currently get 30% off at Gap. Just go to moneysavingexpert.com, fill in the form and you can print off a voucher giving you 30% off in Gap until Sunday 28 September.

By Staff Writer Ruth Jackson Sep 19, 2008


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